Adapting to Adelaide’s climate means expecting the unexpected, especially when it comes to summer storms. These tempests roll in swiftly, often leaving a trail of disruption in their wake. But the real question is, how do you safeguard your home, particularly your security doors, against these sudden forces of nature? This guide is your key to understanding the best strategies for protecting your property. With our expert tips, you’ll learn how to fortify your home against the elements, ensuring your security doors remain intact and your peace of mind secure, no matter how fierce Adelaide’s weather turns out to be.

Tips for Storm Protection

pruningRemove any excess branches or trees

Something that often causes damage is falling trees and branches. If one of these happen to fall onto or through your screen doors, they are likely to do a fair amount of damage. Remove any branches that could come off in high winds and consider removing any trees that risk damaging your property.

Pack away any loose items

Pack away any loose items that could take flight in high winds. This includes children’s toys, patio furniture, trampolines and more. While its unlikely you’ll have a trampoline flying through your screen door in Adelaide, things like small kayaks and patio furniture can easily be moved around in the wind,

Ensure door locks securelylocked door

Making sure your door locks securely will help from keeping it flying open, as well as excess rattling. This is essential if you need to evacuate – your screens will not only act as protection to your door and windows, but also as a theft prevention if you need to stay away due to flooding.

Check attachments are in good repair

Check that your screen doors are secured correctly and that there is no rust or corrosion on the hinges which may cause the door to fall off in high winds.

If you don’t already have security screens, or are thinking about upgrading, Crimsafe’s security screen doors and windows help to provide a barrier from hail and other objects being blown around in the wind. If you live in an area that is of risk of flying debris during a storm, these security screens could save your windows from damage.

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