Maximizing the security of your home or business is always wise, regardless of your location. Imagine a world where you never have to worry about the safety of your loved ones or property again. With Crimsafe’s leading security screen doors in Adelaide, this peace of mind can be your reality. Their cutting-edge products offer unmatched protection against break-ins and theft, enhancing your home’s value with their sleek, modern design. Say goodbye to old-fashioned, unsightly security doors and hello to the sleek, effective protection of Crimsafe – the top choice for discerning homeowners who refuse to compromise on safety and style. Whether you’re in Adelaide or its suburbs, superior home security is closer than you think.

What Makes Crimsafe so Effective?

From thick, knife-proof stainless steel mesh, to their patented screw-clamp technology, the cutting edge features of Crimsafe security doors make them incredibly effective at protecting your home or business. In fact, when the makers of Crimsafe tested their products, the Australian standards weren’t intensive enough to truly highlight how secure their screens were. 

That’s why they used the European RC2 test instead, a more rigorous test which proved that Crimsafe security window and doors can withstand much higher impacts than Australian standards require. It would take far more pressure than any fit male burglar could muster to kick down a crimsafe protected door or window. And on top of this, the screw-clamp technology which binds the 0.9mm 304 structural grade Tensile-Tuff stainless steel mesh to the frame makes them impervious to knife attacks and jemmying too. This gives your property the best possible long-lasting protection from all kinds of intruders.

Other benefits of Crimsafe include:

Durable materials that won’t corrode over time

Tested against the equivalent of a decade’s worth of sea spray, Crimsafe security screens are far more resistant to corrosion than other screens on the market. In fact, they stood up to more than 3X the amount of environmental corrosion testing that typically affects the strength and look of other screens.image 3 after

Increased energy efficiency in your home

Knock a fraction off your energy bills this year with screens that aid insulation in your home, keeping it cooler in summer and warmer in winter. These high quality screens were found to enhance energy efficiency of glass windows and doors by up to 53%.

Improved aesthetic appeal and views

Not only do Crimsafe screens provide ultimate protection without the need for unsightly bars and grilles, but they also allow you to appreciate the views from your home without obstruction. They can even increase your property value by improving the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Extended warranties for peace of mind

With such demonstrable protection against break-ins and the elements, Securelux are more than happy to prove their confidence in Crimsafe products with long term warranties on every screen door

Where Can I Find Crimsafe Installers Near Me?

Securelux AdelaideBecause Crimsafe is the strongest screen in Australia, there are a few contractors around using counterfeit Crimsafe security doors. But you can avoid paying for second-rate screens by hiring a fully licensed and reputable supplier like Securelux. 

When you purchase Crimsafe products with Securelux, you get their full range of professional services as well. From free quotes and comprehensive customer service – including guidance around payment plans, measure and quote, custom size manufacturing and full installation – the team at Securelux has you covered. Their respectful installation service ensures optimal performance, so you can rest assured that there will be no weak points in your home security.

These experts in everything security screens install Crimsafe security screens on all kinds of doors and windows, including larger sizes. From the front door to the back, whether they’re hinged or sliding, French or stacking, it’s no problem at all. You can even get screens for patio enclosures or emergency exits. And with an emphasis on helpful customer service, you will have all the help you need to choose the right type of security screen for your property. If you’d like a hand with size, colour and design, Securelux are happy to offer experienced, professional guidance. 

Who Are Securelux?

A family-run business situated in Brisbane, Securelux have been manufacturing and installing the best in security screens for over 40 years. Rather than hiring independent contractors, Securelux are committed to employing workers who uphold the company values of accountability, professionalism and attention to detail

That’s why you can always expect friendly and transparent customer service when you work with Securelux. Fair, competitive pricing, installers who turn up on time, and respect for your property are just some of the reasons behind this company’s satisfied customer base. And with a superior product like Crimsafe, it’s no wonder Securelux has full confidence in their products and services. 

So, if you’re ready to invest in a reliable and long-lasting high quality security screen to protect your family and property, you can have full confidence in Securelux. Selecting a quality product is essential for protecting your home, and Crimsafe is your safest bet. Choose a quality screen that you can rely on with Crimsafe security screens, and choose a credible, affordable supplier with Securelux. Just call 08 8126 4266 or fill out the online form for a free quote, and unlock ultimate protection today.